Air Security regulations

* Security regulations for unsecured shipments/unknown shipper:

  • If the box is heavier than 1000 kg, and / or greater than a Euro pallet (120x80x160).
  • If there for some reason is not possible to define the material in the xray machine.
  • If there are other reasons why the freight should not be x-rayed.

SHIPMENT will be checked in an alternative way by “sniffing”, manual or visual search:
Charges will be at cost. NOK 1160, 00
Wooden boxes/crates:
Adapted for “sniffing”- either as a square cut, or a circular shape (10X15 CM). The square must be sealed with blank tape
or other material before delivered to acceptance controll. The square must be marked.
Pallet with loose cargo:
Banded pallets with plastic or other material should be airtight.
Also in the bottom of the pallet.
Cargo may be asked to be returned back to shipper for repacking.
Before acceptance control, will approve the cargo again for a new control.
All above in the agreement of National Aviation rules/NASP.

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