Code of Conduct

Logi Trans(LT)  is a logistics company based in Norway, Denmark and Holland.  LT is working internationally through a network of partners, and have local, domestic and international transports related to air, sea and road.

LT work with several local suppliers of freight forwarding, customs clearance, logistical services such as to fulfill our customer’s needs.

It is LT vision to be the preferred forwarder.

It is LT ambition to exceed the customers and our own expectations.

Our relations to our customers have often required that LT have to adapt to their Ethical Codes.  There has been a dramatic increase in the ethical expectations of businesses the last years, and the customers, clients and employees are seeking out those companies who define their operation also ethically.
Logi Trans have therefore developed our own Ethical Code standards (EC) that complies with the future contractual requirements from the clients.

The Logi Trans Ethical Code(EC)

is applauded by the owners and board of Directors. The revised EC was implemented as company policy after the Directors decision in board meeting on the 11.03.2014.

It is made known to and adapted by the staff. Our local suppliers and all other regular partners and agents have also adapted to the EC. The Logi Trans EC is made known to all our business relations.

General Principles

The Logi Tran’s staff, partners, agents and suppliers (LTP) will always act in accordance with the law, the regulations, statuary provisions, ethical integrity and fairness.

All business is carried out according to the NSAB 2015 (Nordic Forwarders Association rules and regulations), FENEX (Dutch) and other international standards regulating the trade within the logistics industry like the CMR Convention, IATA, etc.

All business is conducted with honesty, open and fair cooperation on all levels, with loyalty and mutual respect towards LTP, customers, suppliers and other relevant parties.

Any form of discrimination, corruption and forced child labor that is discovered will be reported to the designated managers and to the Guarantor.

Behavior rules

All people within the LTP will conduct the business in a fair way and according to the rules and regulations given for each single country involved in the transports.

It is prohibited to pay or offer to pay money, material benefits or other advantages to a third party whether this is a supplier, representatives for the government, public officers and servants as LTP as private employees.  Likewise it is strictly forbidden for the LTP representative to receive the same.

Small gifts or other forms of hospitality of low value may however be accepted, but only if authorized by the designated managers for the parties involved, and as long as it does not compromise the integrity and reputation of either party.

It is also strictly forbidden to pay money to a company that the LTP partners intend to have business relation with.  If a company demand such advantages before the LTP partner can do business with them, this will be reported to the management in the company.

The LTP people will also respect and adapt to the given HSE guidelines within the company, and also adapt and respect to the customer’s and the vendor’s HSE guidelines.
Preventive safety equipment will always be used unasked both by terminal staff, drivers and all office staff that need to attend to work being performed on all the involved terminals or yards.

Professional secrecy

All LTP people will act professional and will under no circumstances provide a third party with information that has been received from customers, vendors, suppliers or partners regarding their products, prices, company policies or staff.

It is also strictly prohibited to give out any information to anyone that may be used for inside trade or marked abuse.
Likewise is it also forbidden for any LTP people to receive such information from a third party and use this for personal or company advantage.

Any information received from the LTP’s organization, from customers, vendors, suppliers and partners may not be given to the media unless this has been approved in writing from the management in the company.

Relations with customers and suppliers

Logi Trans pursues its business success on high quality transports with a very high level of follow-up and feed-back on each single shipment and customer.  All quotes are given in respect of a fair competition based on the information given by the customers.
All LTP persons will comply with the same and will make sure that any unfair competition, or information given to any party that may lead to such unfair competition is informed to the management of the parties involved.  Logi Trans will win the quotes based on the quality of the services LT provide combined with prices that LT need in order to perform the transport according to the requirements from the customers.  Under no circumstances will LT undercut a competitor’s rate in order to achieve a better position with the customers unless the customer asks for a budget price where the price is of greater importance than the quality of the transport.

Internal relations in the workplace

All Logi Trans employees have an open and transparent relation to each other regardless of what level they are positioned.

There has not been any incident indicating harassment or mobbing of any kind, nor has there been reported any violence whatsoever.

Such behaviors are forbidden and if discovered it will be reported to the Managing Director and the Guarantor who will act according to the company policy in such cases.  Sexual harassment of all kinds, and behavior that indicate that a person want to have sexual attention that may interfere with the job situation or in order to improve one’s position, is strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate dismissal.
Logi Trans will not disqualify any future applicants due to their religion, culture, race, sexual status and physical or psychic impairment.

At least once each year the management of Logi Trans invites all the employees to a team building activity so that the employees can tie even stronger bonds with each other.

All the employees are encouraged to attend to trade courses or similar education that will bring personal development to the employee and giving Logi Trans a more competent staff.
LT is a member of TRACE, international anti corruption organization, and all management are trained on a yearly basis within the FCPA and UK Bribe Act regulations.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

All LTP consider individuals that work under the effect of alcohol or drugs, or substances with similar effect as a risk.
It is forbidden to hold, consume, offer or give drugs at the work place.  It is also forbidden to drink alcohol at the workplace within the office hours or when working.

Logi Trans is committed to support and help employees that are considered to be addicted to such substances so that they can get professional help to get rid of their abuse.
Smoke in the workplace is forbidden.  Smokers have to use a designated area outside of the building.


Logi Trans will yearly appoint a member of the management as a Guarantor for the EC.   The Guarantor shall promote the EC to all LTP and make sure that all the EC is complied with.
The Guarantor shall also encourage all the LTP people to suggest improvements to the EC and also report violations to it.  All reports on violations shall be investigated together with the CEO of Logi Trans and action taken with the involved parties. The Guarantor shall report all EC incidents to the Logi Trans Board of Directors.


Logi Trans will regarding Tenders always calculate the rates according to the instructions and procedures given in the Tender.  If the Tender is in conflict with the law, the rules and regulations that Logi Trans has to work under, this will be informed to the customer immediately.

Logi Trans will always follow the law and legislations and will not transport any goods illegally in order to be awarded the Tender.
This concept will make sure that Logi Trans can offer the customers high quality in all aspects, and perform each single transport according to the requirements.  The contractual demands will always be followed, and the services rendered should always be of a high quality.

“LT will work towards making a good Ethical Code standard, trough continuous work with our core values, Respect, Reliability, Competence, Attitude, only when all involved parties find the codes to be morally right and voluntary follow these can our goal on a better work environment, good relations between all the involved parties and fairness, honesty and mutual respect for one another be achieved”.