Quality of service

It is our goal to be the preferred partner for national and international freight forwarding, including dangerous goods and custom clearance. We will achieve this by: providing the correct equipment, documents and personnel for freight forwarding: at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost satisfying our customers requirements continually improving processes, products and services to ensure that they consistently meet or exceed requirements.

It is also the stated policy of Logi Trans AS to:

  • ensure a safe and good working environment for all personnel; our goal is no accidents, injuries or losses.
  • respond quickly and correctly to all enquiries with the goal to respond within same day
  • perform all jobs within the agreed timescales and within budgets
  • perform all jobs with a minimum number of non-conformances, with zero as our goal


Logi Trans AS was established in 1994 to address the needs of land based industry and the oilfield industry in the specific areas described above. LT Management Systems, which include a Quality Management System meeting the requirements of ISO9001, Internal Control / HMS, Safety Management as well as Internal Administration Routines & Working Instructions, have all been fully developed, documented and are being implemented, as a part of our continuing effort to satisfy the ongoing and future quality assurance needs of LT and our customers.

The LT Quality Management System (QMS) implementation has resulted in the organizations appointment as a partner and / or preferred supplier for its products / services, maintaining our goal of full acceptance levels with major clients, including operators and services companies.

Approved Suppliers

Logi Trans applies a set of minimum requirements for the critical suppliers. The requirements depend upon the type of delivery. Suppliers that are approved for one type of delivery by one department, are regarded as approved for this type of deliveries to all departments. We use a web-application for supplier approval. This application also contains our approved suppliers list.
General requirements for all suppliers, the supplier must:
  • complete and submit our Company Details Form.
  • be legally organized and registered (tax, working environment legislation, union rights, social rights, environmental legislation etc.).
  • have the appropriate equipment available.
  • have the right competence (documented with licences, certificates etc. when relevant).
  • be able to deliver POD together with the invoice (preferably on the day after delivery)
  • be able to report ETD/ETA
  • be able to daily report ATD/ATA
  • be familiar with Logi Trans Quality Policy Statement
  • be familiar with Logi Trans Environment Profile
  • have an internal HSE control system that meets the local government demands
Additional requirements for hot-shot suppliers, the supplier must:
  • have documented duty arrangements for service outside normal working hours.
  • have extensive experience with air freight (regular activity over several years).
  • have extensive experience with urgent deliveries/pickups.
  • be able to report milestones according to LT requirements.
Suppliers of heavy lift / out of gauge (OoG/HL) services, the supplier must:
  • have written procedures for OoG/HL.
  • have specific competence verifiable by LT-personnel.
  • have special equipment requiered for OoG/HL (including lights, signs etc.).
  • have experience performing SJA and similar HSQE related matters.
  • be able to report milestones according to LT requirements.
Suppliers for dangerous goods services must:
  • have the required permissions.
  • have specific competence verifiable by LT-personnel.
Suppliers of waste handling and disposal services must:
  • have the required permissions for the types of waste to be handled.
  • be able to supply the documents and reports we require.
In addition to this, we apply the following criteria for evaluation and reevaluation:
  1. Quality and HSE performance measuered by the number of registered non-conformances relative to the total number of assignments.
  2. Quality performance measured by the total registered cost of non-conformancees relative to the total number of assignments.
  3. Delivery precision measured by the number of registered delays relative to the total number of assignments.
  4. General impression of service level evaluated subjectively by the LT purchasers.
When approved according to the criteria above, critical suppliers are added to the approved supplier list. A supplier approved by one LT department may be used by all departments.
The suppliers on the approved suppliers list are assessed annually regarding qualifications and performance. If it is found that a supplier no longer fulfils the minimum requirements or the performance is not acceptabel according to criteria 1 to 4 above, the supplier is suspended. A suspended supplier may not be used for purchasing, the supplier is informed of the situation and deadline for any actions in order to be requalified. If the supplier does not show satisfactory improvement within the deadline, it is disqualified as a supplier to Logi Trans and completely removed for the approved suppliers list.