The EU ETS is an emissions cap and trading system that aims to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) by setting a limit, or cap, on GHG emissions for certain sectors of the economy.

The EU legislative bodies have adopted a revision of the EU ETS Directive to include shipping from 2024.

Logi Trans is working on a transparent calculation method for the ETS fee. The fee will be implemented from 1 January 2024.

Increase of German road tax / MAUT

With effect of the 1st December a majority of the German Bundestag have voted in favour of a proposal to introduce a CO2 tax on heavy vehicles / trucks.

The surcharge is based on the new emission policy for trucks and based on the individual trucks CO2 emission class.

The extra cost will be based on the number of kilometers driven on the German Toll-Roads and the increase will be 83% on top of the current cost.

With effect of 1st December the extra cost will be added to our invoices.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Logi Trans Norway are today granted status as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Security NOAEO884048842

I am happy to see that our organization’s continuous focus on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) brings long term results in short and long terms relations with clients and vendors.

A thanks to all our dedicated staff that has made this possible.

Pål Kjernes / CEO Logi Trans Group

Road Toll

Information regarding the new Road Toll in Nord Jæren.

Infobrev Bompakke


Incoterms is a description of international trade terms. It is very important to have knowledge of these conditions for all who work in procurement, sale or transportation.

Logi Trans offers basic courses in Incoterms for customers who want to know more about these concepts. The courses focuses on regulations between seller and buyer, who is responsible for costs and insurance, and how to achieve the best possible control of the shipment. The course is an introduction to the conditions.

AEO Certified!

Both Logi Trans AS and Logi Trans B.V. are AEO Certified!